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Timetable Archive (now expanding)

Welcome To Suzy’s / Dundee Buses Timetable Archive… information as at 27/04/2021

As well containing every timetable since started in 2009, there are also;
1. Some of the Techpark stuff (for the Dundee Technology Park predecessor to this site) between 2002 and 2009.
2. The predecessor to Techpark was a DundeeBuses that I started 2002/2003 but never completed. However the various files (that were sort of complete) have been converted to PDF’s and are in the post-dereg folders.
3. I did some for Strathtay between 2002 and 2006. Most of theese are included too.

4. A large collection of timetables purchased from Graeme Smith/Tails Prower, including a virtually-complete series of Travel Dundee/NX Dundee/Xplore Dundee timetables from 1997 to date, and also some older stuff (with a smattering of pre-deregulation too). As at today there are only Whitfield Douglas and Fintry to do post 1997 to finish, alongside some maps / ticketing leaflets etc.)… Will probably have a Wanted list in the near future…

There are some other timetables I bought from other sources, or who have scanned and/or loaned for scanning by others too. Currently Graeme Fraser (formerly TRC and PKC) is going through scanning some of his older stuff, so please check back as and when for the older sutff. The empahasis of this for now is going back to the start of the 1980s when Tayside Region switched from area booklets to leaflets.

1 BUS TIMETABLES regular files Post Dereg 1986-date
Over 3,700 timetables – mostly as PDF’s – from bus operators across Tayside. These are since the deregulation of local bus services in October 1986. For timetables before this date (including a
Most duplicates shoukld be weeded out (except where a registration document and maybe a company or councxil timetable also exist)… The only others are where an admendment slip or label (or mere biro or magic marker) change or correction.

2 BUS TIMETABLES Covid Panedmic files
More than 60 of these which I did in 2020 to show service levels. Some will include raw timetable files and/or Word and Excel files, as well as a couple of bonus balls like one I did for Birkhill (placed this up in my late mother’s sheltered housing…) and more besides. Some individual pages will eventually be copied over to 1.

3 BUS TIMETABLES Pre Dergulation
More than 50 – all scanned from hard copies I bought, acquired elsewhere, as well as many from Graeme Fraser.

More than 280 (mostly maps like Angus county maps and Dundee bus maps) map files, with some to scan.

Combined files I have done over the years – more will follow as and when I see one on my pc…

Just a handful of mostly recent DundeeBuses stuff.

Operator, council (and mine!) guides to festive and other holidays.

Over 140 different things… Mostly fares summaries, leaflets, as well as some older Faretables – including scanned from paper copies.

Over 200 different things like Indexes, Service Changes leaflets, posters, and more besides.

9999 BUS TIMETABLES requiring renaming
These are mostly Citylink/Megabus/Parks Joint Venture timetables – i will be renaming these slowly – but this might get used again in near furture.

p.s. More into bus photos than timetables? Well you will find over 30,000 bus (and other) photos at