Guardbridge road closure and temporary timetables CLOSURE NOW OVER (last updated 21st February 2016)

From Monday 15th February, the A919 at Guardbridge will be closed while construction of a pipeline for the new St Andrews University biomass plant is carried out.  This closure will last approximately eight weeks and requires the diversion of all bus services in the area.  Below is a summary of the arrangements.

Timetables will be available online week commencing Monday 25 January, and a Guardbridge Closure Guide booklet will be printed and available from February.

A summary timetable has been created for journeys between St Andrews and Guardbridge, which also shows where buses are from/will continue to.
Routes 42/42A/42B: Cupar/St Andrews – Tayport – Dundee
A revised timetable will be introduced keeping the 20 minute frequency between Tayport and Dundee, but with revisions to journeys to/from Cupar and St Andrews.
Certain journeys on routes 42A/42B will divert via Balmullo, and not serve Leuchars, however on occasion, Leuchars will still be served – please see  timetable above for full information on each journey. They will run every 80 minutes rather than hourly.
Route 42 between St Michaels and Cupar will also run on the same frequency, and will be diverted to serve Leuchars village in place of route 42A.

Map for route 42 to Cupar/St Andrews

Map for route 42 from Cupar/St Andrews

Routes 94/94A/94X: Newburgh – Ladybank – St Andrews
Daytime journeys are diverted via the A91 and will not serve Leuchars or Balmullo.  As a result, the timetable is revised along the whole route, although the existing hourly frequency is maintained.  Evening journeys will serve Balmullo and Leuchars, but will run via the A91/A914 and clockwise via Balmullo, Leuchars and north Guardbridge.
The evening 94X journey from Newburgh to St Andrews will depart at 2333 instead of 2320.

Map for route 94 to St Andrews

Map for route 94 to Cupar

Routes 99/99A/99B/99C/99D: Dundee – Leuchars – St Andrews (timetables can be found below)
The main daytime service will operate as route X99 running every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday. This will stop at normal stops between St Andrews and Guardbridge (Cupar Road) and then at Balmullo and normal stops from St Michael to Dundee.

During the evenings and on Sundays, services will continue to operate with normal route numbers 99A/99D via Balmullo and serving Leuchars.

Within St Andrews, routes 99A, 99B, 99C & 99D will be retimed but will operate to their normal route and frequencies.  Most journeys will arrive from, and continue to Dundee as route X99, Monday to Saturday daytimes, or as a 99A/99B/99C/99D in the evenings or on Sundays with no need to change buses.

Between Leuchars and St Andrews, route 99 will operate every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytimes and will be the main service between St Andrews and the rail station. It will observe all stops on route.  The timetable has been designed to ensure connections with rail services to and from the south.  Customers wishing to travel northbound are advised to take route 99 to Balmullo and transfer onto route X99 to Dundee to make connections.

Route 99: Shuttle Service between St Andrews – Balmullo – Leuchars – Guardbridge – Balmullo – St Andrews

Route 99/99A/99B/99C/99D/X99: Journeys between St Andrews – Guardbridge – Balmullo – Leuchars (not X99) – Dundee

Route 99/99A/99B/99C/99D: St Andrews Town Services

Route N99: Evening Services between St Andrews – Balmullo – Dundee – Leuchars – Balmullo – St Andrews

Map for route 99 shuttle

Map for route 99A/99B/99C/99D to Dundee

Map for route 99A/99B/99C/99D from Dundee

Map for route X99 (not Leuchars)


Booklets containing these timetables and maps will be available from St Andrews bus station and Dundee bus station from Wednesday 3 February.