Services are shown in alphanumeric order – services like RO1 and X7 are shown after the services up to 896.


Services 1 to 25


Services 26 to 49


Services 50 to 99E


Services 107 to 272


Services 301 to 699


Services 809 to 896


Services A3 to DRT1


Services F2 to N99


Services RO1 to X54


Principal Connecting Services


Public Holiday Services


Ann Lauraites says:

I simply want to know how to get to Kinross from Dundee, the timetable and the prices and have been trying for a while but to no avail.

suzy says:

Hello there Anna,

Services M90, M91, M92 – some may need a change of bus at Perth – will be quickest – see http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/JV_EDI_DEE_Summer2015.pdf for the full times.
Pricing is dynamic depending on when you book, so see http://www.citylink.co.uk or call 0871 266 33 33 for more.

Suzy (DundeeBuses Admin)

david says:

hi can sum1 email me times plz on dundee to perth plz start work 2moz need to go fae dundee bus station would b appricated thanks.

Connor says:

Can u send me a picture of the Dundee to Cupar bus timetables and prices? Thanks

suzy says:

Hello there,
Fares £4.80 single, £5.80 off peak day return last I knew – check with operator on 01382 313700 Timetables at http://dundeebuses.info/timetables/042_042A_042B_Stagecoach_2ndFebruary2015.pdf
And http://dundeebuses.info/timetables/042_042A_042B_Stagecoach_2ndFebruary2015.pdf

Suzy (DundeeBuses Admin)

suzy says:

p.s. Tried to email this to you, but it boucned.

Helen says:

Hi could u tell me what number of bus i would get to toys r us from dundee bustation

Helen says:

Also can you tell me the times thanks

suzy says:

Hello there,

All the buses you would want will leave from Albert Square, opposite the Museum.
Service 24 stops behind on Clepington Road… times at http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/24TimetableXplore.pdf
or a short walk away from Services 1A, 1B – ask off at Kings Cross circle, and you will see the retail park ahead… http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/1A1BTimetablexplore2.pdf

Suzy (DundeeBuses Admin)

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