Bus Service Changes (last updated 30th October 2017)

Bus Service Changes

Hard copy news – Angus Council are reviewing all their publicity, and no longer printing a map (2017 never finished, 2018 was going to be cancelled for funding reasons). Some leaflets will be online only, and the last map is now online.

Some of their summary timetables are no longer availbile (Mo-Arbroath but see 30/39 combined timetable, Brechin Community Campus, and Dundee-Arbroath).


From Monday 20th November 2017, Stagecoach are making a variety of changes to their services across Tayside, and part of Fife. We have put all the information and timetables over on this special page (these are colour pages in A4 – the black/white A5 pages are on the main timetable Index pages).



From Sunday 22nd October 2017, Xplore Dundee have their annual service review starting, with both positive and negative impacts. We have put all the information and timetables over on this special page (these are colour pages in various sizes – the black/white A5 pages are on the main timetable Index pages).



From Monday 2nd October 2017 there are some changes to the Citylink/Megabus/Parks services for the start of their Winter 2017/2018 timetable. Click here to download timetables for Gold Services, Aberdeen-Edinburgh, Aberdeen-Glasgow, Inverness-Edinburgh, or Inverness-Glasgow.



From Monday 28th August 2017 there are changes to Stagecoach Strathtay services, mostly as a result of the changes to the level of support from Dundee & Angus College. Click on the header for the new timetable files.


Service 27A/C: Kirriemuir – Forfar – Letham – Arbroath
Service 27C journeys running on Angus College term days only are withdrawn.  Service 27/27A provides alternative journeys at similar times for travel to/from the college. The service 27A journey departing Kirriemuir at 0740 now additionally serves Friockheim.

Service 30: Stracathro Hospital/Edzell – Brechin – Montrose – Arbroath
This service is replaced by extended service 39, see service 39 summary below for full details. (TeeJay, Nicoll and Wishart journeys are still 30 – see here).

Service 32/33: Laurencekirk – Brechin – Montrose – Angus College
Angus College has discontinued funding for service 33 journeys to/from Laurencekirk from the new term and as a result this service is withdrawn.  Students should contact the college for details of alternative transport provision.  Service 32 to/from Montrose continues to operate but with a slightly revised timetable. Services 39 and X7 continue to offer alternative journeys between Montrose and Arbroath.

Service 39: Stracathro Hospital – Brechin – Montrose – Arbroath – Dundee
This service is significantly revised and improved to offer new journey opportunities.  The route now extends to Stracathro Hospital via Montrose and Brechin, replacing service 30.  Combined with services X7 and X8, the extended service provides two direct journeys per hour between Montrose and Dundee, and four direct journeys per hour between Arbroath and Dundee, Monday to Saturday daytime.  Evening and Sunday journeys run between Stracathro Hospital and Arbroath only.  A revised timetable is introduced as a result of the route extension.


Service 43/43A: Arbroath bus station – Kirkton
Most daytime journeys now run as service 43A via Timmergreens.  There is no change to the evening and Sunday Angus Council tendered journeys. (Additional download – Arbroath TS complete booklet including 42 Church Service).


Service 44: Arbroath bus station – Cliffburn
This service now runs between Arbroath bus station and Cliffburn only, with the section of route between the bus station, Timmergreens and Elliot Caravan Park no longer served.  Revised service 43A provides alternative facilities for Timmergreens, and services X7, X8 and 39 provide links to Elliot Caravan Park.  (Additional download – Arbroath TS complete booklet including 42 Church Service).



From (w/c) Monday 14th August 2017 all Angus Council secondary school runs will be running to altered timetables. As yet, we do not have the information, as the information hasn’t been uploaded to the Traveline data feeds. There are new timetables for 128/129 47/47B and 34 however.

In other changes, Stagecoach Fife 36 (Glenrothes – Perth) is now running via Glenrothes Hospital, with a revised timetable (no school variations, and midibuses now in use all day),

The last run on Service 201 (Glenrothes – Kinross) is now serving Glenlomond.

Additionally, Service 331 (Dollar Academy – Cowdenbeath) is now withdrawn.

Download the new timetables via the service number links.



From Friday 28th July 2017 some changes happen in Crieff, alongside some further evening improvements across Perthshire.


Burnbrae Garage

From Friday, 28 July 2017, Service 45 journeys departing Crieff High Street at 1029, and 1159 will operate via Strathearn Community Campus (1033 and 1203) and will serve Glenearn Court at 1035 and 1205 travelling to James Square and Crieff Hospital, arriving at 1039 and 1209. A new timetable can be had here.


From Friday, 28 July 2017 the changes to this timetable are as follows.
The 1045 departure from Crieff Hospital will now leave at 1101, arriving Fowlis wester at 1120.
The 1104 departure from Fowlis Wester will now depart at 1120, arriving Crieff, James Square at 1140.
The 1250 departure from Crieff, Union Terrace will now depart at 1300 and operate 10 minutes later throuought, arriving Burnbrae Garage at 1346. A new timetable can be had here.


Stagecoach Perth

New extra journeys designed to take passengers to/from Perth City Centre (and Aberfely Birks Cinema) on Service 15/15A (new times start one week later after roadworks), Service 16, Service 19 including new 19B via Oakbank, Service 23 including new 23B, Services 24, Services 56/56A, Service 57.

You can also find a booklet with full details of all Perthshire weekend evening services, and a map, here.



A late change which didn’t make it onto our July website update was the changes to Nicoll’s Service 26 (Stracathro Hospital – Stonehaven) from Monday 15th July 2017. The route is now reduced to operate with one bus instead of two, and no longer operates west of Laurencekirk or Luthermuir. The timetable is still being included, but you will need to make the switch – probably from the 9 from Montrose – at Laurencekirk Post Office/Interchange. Download the new 26 timetable here.





Update as at 5th July 2017; Services 501 (Blairgowrie – Ballater) and the Ring of Breadalbane Explorer RO1/RO2 will not be running this year. Also, Hamish Gordon has withdrawn school service 624. To reflect this, I’ve updated the files for 71, 890/896. At the same time there are reprints of the DRT Balquhidder and Stagecoach 107 (reprint only in new S/C Bluebird format removed from Stonehaven booklet) times.


A event timetable now online is Service 80s for the Rewind Festival at Scone Palace (21st to 24th April 2017). At the same time, there are updated timetables for Elizabeth Yule 82 and Basin Rambler for Summer 2017.

In August 2017, Carnival 56 will have some one-off buses running to and from the event… full details to follow.


From Monday 3rd July 2017, there will be some timetable changes to Stagecoach Strathtay;

Service 58: Blairgowrie – Guildtown – Perth

The 58B route variation via Golf Course Road is no longer used, with this area now served by revised service 63 (see below).  As a result, the 1025 Perth to Blairgowrie weekday journey is revised to route 58, arriving in Blairgowrie 4 minutes earlier.  The 1325 Blairgowrie to Perth weekday journey is revised to route 58 departing at 1330.  There are no other changes to the timetable.

Service 63: Blairgowrie town service

At the request of Perth & Kinross Council, this service has been revised to serve Golf Course Road on three journeys per day, providing new local links for this area and replacing the discontinued route 58B journeys.  The timetable is revised slightly as a result.

Service X7: Perth – Dundee – Arbroath – Montrose – Stonehaven – Aberdeen   

The timetable has been revised to improve reliability and coordinate with new service X8 (see below), with most journeys retimed.  The Sunday service between Dundee and Perth is increased to hourly.  In Arbroath, an additional stop at Elliot Caravan Park is introduced, providing improved access to Westway Retail Park.

Service X8: Perth – Dundee – Arbroath

This new service running hourly Monday to Saturday provides additional capacity and new journey opportunities, with limited stop journeys between Perth, Dundee and Arbroath up to every 30 minutes combined with service X7.  Service X8 additionally serves Glendoick, restoring links with Perth and Dundee that were discontinued in August 2016, as well as Luna Place at Dundee Tech Park.  The service is operated by low floor, wheelchair accessible buses.


From Monday 5th June 2017 changes to Citylink/Megabus, Xplore Dundee and  Stagecoach services;

Service 137, 138, 139 (combined timetable for Xplore Dundee and Stagecoach)
A reduced bus service will be introduced on three routes for Dundee, Bridgefoot, Auchterhouse, Tealing and Murroes from 5 June. From that date the routes (137, 138 and 139) will be served by one bus rather than two (except in the morning peak). Studies of demand and use of the service showed it caters for up to 24 passengers a day (Mon-Fri) and 17 on Saturdays. Alternative bus services – at slightly earlier or later – are still available to those travelling to and from work.

Citylink/Megabus/Parks M8, M9/G9, M10/G10, M90/G90, M91, M92/G92  have changes to their  services across Scotland, including a new G10 from Glasgow to Inverness. Click here to download Aberdeen-Edinburgh, Aberdeen-Glasgow, Inverness-Edinburgh, Inverness-Glasgow timetables, or the Citylink Gold only services.

Service X53: Kingoodie – Ninewells Hospital – Dundee – Cupar – Glenrothes – Kirkcaldy

Revised timetable to improve reliability and offer new journey opportunities.

The service is rerouted via Newport, restoring direct links with Ninewells Hospital and destinations in Fife.  An additional AM peak journey to Ninewells and Invergowrie is added, as are later journeys to and from Kirkcaldy.

Service X54: Dundee – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Revised timetable to improve reliability and offer new journey opportunities.

Service X54 is rerouted to serve Thornton and Rothesay House in Glenrothes.

The Sunday frequency to Dundee is doubled to hourly and more X54 journeys run in the evenings.

Service X55: Dunfermline – Rosyth – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

A revised timetable is introduced to improve reliability, with the hourly extension to/from Perth withdrawn and mostly replaced by new service X56. Additional PM peak departures from Edinburgh are introduced. Evening journeys now also run limited stop as service X55, with route number 55 no longer used.

Service X56: Perth – Kinross – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

This service is revised to operate throughout the day, 7 days a week, replacing service X55 between Perth and Halbeath P&R and offering faster journeys to/from Edinburgh via the M90 motorway.  Frequent connections to/from Dunfermline are available at Halbeath P&R, through fares are available.


From Monday 28th May 2017

Service 30 (Arbroath/Montrose – Brechin/Stracathro) will have the off-peak Mon-Fri journeys (by MW Nicoll) withdrawn. There are no changes to their peak time, or evening, services, or that of other operators. Click here for a new timetable, or a new Arbroath – Montrose summary.

Service 81 (Carnoustie – Forfar) will be operated by Wisharts, instead of JP Coaches. Download a new timetable here.










From Monday 24th April 2017, Stagecoach are making changes to 301 Perth Park & Ride service, and our 19 route between Perth and Stirling.

From this date, there will be revised timetables introduced. Click on the link to download the new timetable.

Service 19: Perth – Auchterarder – Gleneagles station – Blackford – Braco – Stirling

The Sunday journeys on this service have been retimed slightly to improve reliability. There is no change to the route or the Monday to Saturday times.

Service 301: Perth park & ride service between Broxden P&R and Perth city centre

The Monday to Friday timetable has been revised slightly around the morning and afternoon peaks to improve reliability. Journeys now run every 20 minutes for a period in the morning and afternoon, with the daytime frequency of every 15 minutes unchanged. There is no change to the Saturday timetable.


On Easter Sunday, Sunday 16th April 2017, there will be a special one-day service, Easter Eggspress. Similar to last year (although fares will be charged at usual rates – including 20p accompanied child specials!). While the service was intended to start from Whitehall Street, sadly a two-week roadworks have moved this to Albert Square for 2017. Click here to download the details.


From Monday 10th April 2017 for two weeks, major roadworks will be happening in Dundee City Centre. Follow the links for the information for Stagecoach East Scotland or Xplore Dundee – each PDF will provide more information.


From Saturday 1st April 2017 until Sunday 16th April 2017, Dundee City Council will be supporting a fares promotion called Holiday Hop. Children (when travelling with an adult or concession pass holder) will pay 20p per journey on any bus operated by Moffat & Williamson, Stagecoach or Xplore Dundee, anywhere in the ABC ticket area. Click here for more details.


In late March 2017, Xplore Dundee issued a new Network Map folder. We will get this online as soon as we have an electronic copy. UPDATE; now online here!


From Thursday 30 March 2017, Main Street between Lochty and Almondbank will be closed for approximately 18 weeks.

During this time, a special route and timetable will be in place on route 14, operating with an hourly frequency by Stagecoach Perth. There will be changes to Service 15 in the mornings and evenings too, with an experimental evening service from Crieff to St Fillans via Comrie added to the timetable. Follow the links below for more details.

Route 14 Perth – Crieff Rd – A9 – Pitcairngreen – Almondbank

Route 14 will operate from Perth city centre along Crieff Road (A85) then run via the A9 bypass to Luncarty, where it will divert and head west to service Pitcairngreen and then via Bridgeton Brae, Gellyburn Rd and Lumsden Crescent to Almondbank Main Street (Vector Aerospace).

Certain journeys will operate as route 14A and will serve Dunkeld Road instead of Crieff Road.  Routes 14 & 14A operate on Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Route 14B Perth – Crieff Rd – Ruthvenfield

Journeys serving Ruthvenfield will operate as route 14B from Perth city centre, serving Crieff Road (A85), past Huntingtower and into Castle Brae, operating clockwise and stopping opposite Ruthvenfield Primary School.

Route 14B will operate hourly until the early afternoon, on Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays.

Ruthvenfield (opp Primary School) is also served by Route 15 towards Perth city centre at 0729 (Mon-Fri), 2309 (Mon-Fri) and 2319 (Sat), and by Route 14 towards Almondbank at 1825 (Mon-Fri & Sat).

Route 15

Route 15 journeys that currently serve Almondbank and Pitcairngreen will be unable do so. They will instead operate directly along the A85. A safe walking route will be available from Almondbank to the A85 at Lochty, where customers can access the route 15 bus. All affected journeys are re-timed and a temporary timetable will be in place.


From Monday 27th March 2017, Stagecoach East Scotland have made some changes to their fares. Follow the links for more information for Fife, or Perth/Strathtay.


From Monday 13 March 2017, the B954 at Quarry Bends near Newtyle will be closed for up to 6 weeks.

This closure will take place between 0800 and 1800 Monday to Friday, and will affect certain 57 journeys, which usually operate between Meigle and Muirhead.  These journeys will be required to divert via Coupar Angus and will therefore be unable to serve Newtyle. TEMP. 57 WEEKDAY TIMETABLE

The following journeys, departing Dundee, will be diverted: Monday to Friday – 0855, 1055, 1255 & 1705.

The following journeys, departing Blairgowrie will be diverted: Monday to Friday – 0853, 1058, 1258, 1458, 1708.

Saturday and Sunday services, or any other journeys not listed above will not be affected by this closure.





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