DundeeBuses website new features for 2022

This past weekend I have done a long overdue update to DundeeBuses.info, the timetable website which is free for the public benefit at www.dundeebuses.info

The highlights include ;

There is also an expansion of the coverage area to include all parts of Stirling and Clacks, to improve awareness. Still cover Angus, Dundee, Perth and Kinross, the Taybridgehead area of Fife, Aberdeenshire areas of Stonehaven Kincardine and The Mearns.

The massive Index To Services has been completely updated throughout, with the links to each individual files coming over the coming weeks. The additional columns indicate services which are split between Exact Fare/Change Given/No Cash On The Bus, together with contactless payments and some WiFi. There is also a column for Access to split things down between either low floor bus, coach with lift, minibus less than 16 seats.  The final column Other will probably used to add extra notes like telephone numbers for DRT booking and the like.

The list will be clickable with an HTML coming in the next few days, with a PDF of the list of the timetables online here , with file directory also uploaded to include tomorrows changes with First Bannockburn (but NOT Larbert) returning to full service ( http://dundeebuses.info/000%202022%20Timetables/ )

The timetables now include summaries of all known summary information for  or semi-public services for fee paying schools, for schoolkids and staff. In many cases (i.e. Kilgraston in Bridge of Earn) these used to have diversions over the years .Mind you the starting of free travel for under 22s MIGHT just change then to public one day…lol Otherwise, all the services on the list and website are available to the public. Finally also gone through all the updates to things like uploading Angus Schools and uploading several other missing services – I think all the timetables are correct, but if you a anything wrong on the list or a timetable please let me know.

To come over the next few months;

All services linked to the Index to Services, which will be both HTML or PDF done Thursday 27th Jan

Adding maps

Some summary Timetables

Updating FAQ and Operator Contacts

Comprehensive Index to Places Served (done by someone else but will advise).

Suzy xxx