Covid-19/Coronavirus SERVICE CHANGES v11.1 from Monday 10th August 2020 now with update from Monday 30th August 2020)

Changes and Glitches since Edition 12 of the Covid-19 Timetable Guide – download the supplement file at

Services 15/15A (Perth – Crieff – St Fillans or Stirling)
From Monday 24th August, we’re changing the timing on the 15.40 journey from Comrie to Perth to depart Crieff slightly later to allow pupils to catch the bus after finishing school.  A new timetable is enclosed.

Service 23 (St Andrews – Kinross – Stirling)
A partial replacement from mid-September will be provided by First Midland as a new Service X53 from Kinross to Stirling. No information currently available.

Services 57/57A and 59 (Dundee – Blairgowrie – Perth)
Xplore Dundee journeys are back to being pre-lockdown schedules. A timetable is enclosed.

Service 66/66A (Glenrothes – Burnside/Perth)
The download file contains two versions of this service timetable. Both are correct and the M&W 66 to Perth on Saturday does display 66A.

Service 81 (Carnoustie – Ballumbie or Monikie – Forfar)
This service is once again operating Monday to Friday. A timetable is enclosed.

Service 137/138/139 (Dundee – Auchterhouse or Murroes)
Service 137 has both the 9th August and 12th July 2020 timetables in this guide. The 9th August 2020 one is correct.
Service 139 is included but Stagecoach’s journey is omitted from the file. A timetable is enclosed.

Services 140/141 and 35 (Auchmithie – Arbroath – Stracathro Hospital/Brechin Castle Centre)
This service is once again operating seven days a week to the full schedules, including the 141 shorts to/from Friockheim connecting with the 27. A timetable is enclosed.

NEW SERVICES E1/E2 (Dundee – Kinross – Edinburgh)
Service starts 1st October 2020. A timetable is enclosed.


Perth & Kinross Council has confirmed that some changes will be made to school-day only registered local bus services and journeys from Wednesday 12 August 2020.

The alterations have been made in line with the Scottish Government’s school transport guidance published on 30 July 2020, and relate to services contracted by the Council to primarily meet statutory school transport requirements. 

The changes being made to registered bus services will be as follows:

  • Some services will be available only to pupils, both fare-paying and those entitled to free school transport. No adult farepayers will be able to travel on these services, which are Stagecoach Services 11 (school journeys only), 856 and 892; and Docherty Midland Coaches Services 601, 613, 618 and 893.
  • Some school-day only services will become closed school contracts, available only to pupils entitled to free school transport. No fare-paying pupils or adults will be allowed to travel on the bus.  These are Stagecoach Services 614, 815 and 834; Docherty Midland Coaches Service 19 (school journeys only) and Jurgen Rehling Service 885.
  • Some school-day only journeys will continue to allow fare-paying adults, with a dedicated section at the front of a single deck bus or on the lower deck of a double decker for these passengers, where physical distancing and face coverings for adults will be mandatory. These services are Stagecoach Services 15, both 15A services, 24, 57B, 58A, 59, 60, 71 and 862; Docherty Midland Coaches Services 20, 20A and 155; and Elizabeth Yule Services 87 and 887.
  • Some services which previously covered two or more schools on the same journey will now only serve one school or campus. These are Docherty Midland Coaches Service 601 and 155 and Stagecoach Service 15A (Braco – St John’s Academy, Perth).
  • Auchterarder residents should note that Docherty Midland Coaches Service 20 will no longer serve Glenorchil Terrace on schooldays.
  • Parents in the Kinnoull Hill/Gannochy area of Perth should note that Service 11 school journeys will be re-named Service 811 and will only operate between Kinnoull Hill and Perth High School.


Download the (ORIGINAL) file at

From Sunday 9th August 2020 there are changes to services with Xplore Dundee going back to a fuller weekday schedule with  Services 138 139 and their Sunday journeys on 51 (not advertised by the company yet!) and 73b too.  There is still reduced Services 32/33, with no buses on Xplore Dundee Services 4, 23 and X90. Last buses however remain about 90-120 minutes earlier each night than usual.

From Monday 10th August 2020, some permanent changes are happening in Angus (mostly a few minutes here- and there by Stagecoach) and as a result of Fife Council tendering in Central Fife. There MAY be more changes from this date, and if this is the case, this guide will be updated.

  • Service 20/21 (Dundee – Kirriemuir/Edzell) – one evening Dundee-Edzell journey now starts in Forfar.
  • Service 27 (Forfar – Arbroath) – 06.57 27 from Arbroath bus station to Cliffburn runs departs at 06.55 and runs 2 minutes earlier throughout. 08.05 27 from Arbroath bus station to Cliffburn now departs at 07.55 and runs 10 minutes earlier throughout.
  • Service 30 (Arbroath – Stracathro Hospital) – 06.50 30A from Arbroath retimed to depart Arbroath bus station at 06.56, no other timings affected. 08.20 30 from Arbroath now runs as a 30A via Warddykes departing at 08.23. 07.25 30A from Stracathro now operates via Warddykes and arrives at Arbroath bus station at 08.36.
  • Service 39 (Kingoodie – Arbroath) – 08.30 39 from Arbroath bus station to Warddykes withdrawn, 08.35 39 from Warddykes now starts at Arbroath bus station at 08.52.
  • Service 66/66A (Burnside/Perth – Glenrothes) – As a result of council tendering by Fife Council, this service will now be operated by Moffat & Williamson to the exact same times as now – including the two Saturday journeys as per now.

Permanent Changes in August not included in Edition 10 of this Update;

  • Stagecoach East Scotland have closed their Travel Shops at Arbroath and Dundee alongside four Fife outlets, but St Andrews is still open (already happened – never reopened after lockdown).
  • Stagecoach East Scotland are introducing a fleet of one year old hybrid buses onto Services 57/59 in the Blairgowrie area. These 19 plates were formerly used on the Fife Coast on Services 7 and 95 (these are being phased in with other transfers). Xplore Dundee normally use hybrid buses on their journeys too).

Other Changes To The Guide Itself Since Version 10;

  • Angus Service 121 is included – leaflet was reissued “from January 2020” showing only 121 so assuming 120 is gone – but the PDF print date was June 2020?” No idea!
  • 139 Murroes morning bus by Stagecoach was introduced on 3rd August, but initially omitted from the schedules by Stagecoach).
  • X59/X61 additionally included in this timetable, as Sunday X61 runs through to Dundee as X26 (as well as all week  connections to/from X54).
  • In a similar vein to that, Stagecoach 41 (Cupar for Dundee 54 connections – Kirkcaldy evening/Sunday outwith X58 times) is unchanged, but a Mon-Sat service between Kirkcaldy and Cameron Hospital has been reintroduced by Bay Travel as Service 18.
  • Limited Stop Services now also include the full stopping arrangements once again.

As with every edition – Please Check The New Timetables Carefully. School Services are not included, but in the background I am working on updating the site with all recent changes as we move post-lockdown towards the Autumn, with a new hard copy timetable to follow alongside all school buses. You will also be able to get all school timetables online at
If there are any more changes later this month or early September, there might be a 12th edition!

Stay Safe!
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