Service Changes during 2019 UPDATE PENDING

Xplore Dundee, Fishers, National Express and Stagecoach Bluebird new timetables January 2019

Service Changes during January 2019 (Bluebird at end)


Bus & Coach Service Changes for January 2019 and beyond


Fishers Tours/Scottish Express from start of operating period – January or March – for each service

A summary of the changes to our Scottish Express services for 2019 are as follows:

Service 242 (Forfar – Fort William) – Due to low passenger numbers, we have withdrawn this service. Our 226 Arbroath to Fort William service still operates fortnightly on a Tuesday.

Service 244 (Forfar – Inverness) – Due to low passenger numbers, we have withdrawn this service. Our 228 Arbroath to Inverness service still operates fortnightly on a Thursday.

Service 257 (Dundee – Callander via Fife) –  This service will continue to operate on a Friday fortnightly, but on the opposite week to previous years. There are no other changes to the timetable.

Service 258 (Kirriemuir – Livingston via Perth) – The operating day for this service is changed to a Thursday fortnightly, between January and October, then weekly in November and December. An additional stop has been included at Perth Edinburgh Road at Tesco. There are also minor adjustments to the timetable.

Service 266 (Dundee – Oban via Fife) – This service is curtailed to start and finish at Glenrothes and has been retimed to improve its reliability. Passengers from Dundee can still get to Oban on our Wednesday services 222 and 248.

Service 267 (Cupar – Inverness via Perth) – An additional stop has been included at Perth Edinburgh Road at Tesco. This service will continue to operate on a Friday fortnightly, but on the opposite week to previous years. There are no other changes to the timetable.

New services 273 and 274 are coming soon … more details on routes and times will be online in the new year.
(273 will operate alternate Wednesdays from 20th March 2018 until 30th October 2018, 274 will operate alternate Tuesdays from 26th March 2018 until 22nd October 2018).

National Express Coaches Change starts 14th January 2019

Service 590 (Aberdeen – Dundee – London, daytime service) will be revised to now call at Golders Green Station (north London), instead of running non-stop from Milton Keynes, Coachway to London, Victoria Coach Station.

Xplore Dundee Changes start Sunday 13th January 2019

North East Schools Campus – afternoon curtailments/diversions return in the afternoon on 9/10, 15a/15c and 33.

Services 1a/1b (City Centre – St Marys) – Minor timetable revision in order to improve reliability.
Service 4 (City Centre – Dryburgh) – Route revision via City Road (instead of Rankine Street & Milnbank Road). This will restore a link between the Pentland area and amenities in Lochee High Street. Route revision with loop covering Loons Road, Lawside Road, Kilberry Street & Cobden Street. This will improve accessibility in The Glens area.

Service 5 (Ninewells Hospital – Barnhill) Daytime frequency revision from every 7 to every 10 minutes (when combined with Outer Circle services 9/10) in order to improve reliability. Route revision via Glamis Road & Dickson Avenue (instead of Perth Road & Tom MacDonald Avenue). This is intended to boost the overall viability of this service, as we will reach even more passengers in Dickson Avenue, where bus usage is higher. Access to the western extent of the Perth Road will be maintained by Outer Circle services 9/10 every half-hour – see below for reliability improvements on 9/10.

Services 9/10 (Outer Circle) Some route revisions in order to improve reliability. The Outer Circle is key to the people of Dundee, fulfilling the role of connecting communities, but it encounters several congested hot-spots along the way which result in significant delays in certain areas. We must therefore address the reliability – and maintain the sustainability – of this service overall. We engaged extensively with the relevant communities to fully understand the impacts of these changes. The service is now running via Spey Drive & Mallaig Avenue (instead of the Technology Park). This is due to low usage in the area, where alternative access will be maintained by service 17 every half-hour. Also now via South Road & Buttars Loan (instead of central Charleston). This is to improve both safety and timekeeping, which was welcomed by local residents, as the streets here are both very narrow and occupied by cars. Also now via Harefield Road (instead of Loons Road). This is to avoid delays currently encountered at the junction between Loons Road and Logie Street. For alternative access to the Outer Circle, local residents can use service 1b to transfer at The Stack, or service 4 to transfer at Lochee High Street. Also now via Baldovie Road (instead of going into Sainsbury’s). This is a time-saving measure, with alternative access available from stops on Balunie Avenue. Timetable revision to services 9a/10a to incorporate new tendered arrangements on behalf of Dundee City Council.

Services 15/17 (Whitfield – City Centre – Ninewells Hospital) Services 15/17 will be separated at the City Centre in order to improve reliability, as delays on these routes are currently largely associated with crossing the city centre (particularly at peak times). Five early morning journeys will continue to run from Whitfield directly to Ninewells Hospital (departing Whitfield at 05.30, 05.50, 06.19, 06.39 and 07.31); during the day, passengers can transfer to high-frequency services 5, 9, 22, 29 at the Seagate for onward travel. For revised access to Whitfield, see services 15a/15c below. For revised access to Ninewells Hospital, see service 17 below

Services 15a/15c (City Centre – Whitfield) Service revision, running every 10 minutes (combined) via existing route between City Centre and Whitfield Drive. Then, every 20 minutes, the services will alternate to operate clockwise (15c) and anti-clockwise (15a) around Whitfield via Berwick Drive, Drumgeith Road, Summerfield Avenue and Lothian Crescent. With ongoing housing developments, this community is changing rapidly, so we are adapting our services to meet evolving needs in the area. Improved journey times (by up to 15 minutes) for the eastern half of Whitfield. Access to community facilities at The Crescent will also be improved. The route will no longer incorporate Peebles Drive; alternative access will be available from stops on Ballumbie Road.

Service 17 (City Centre – Technology Park) Service revision, running every 30 minutes via existing route between City Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Technology Park. Most journeys (Mon-Fri) will extend to the Technology Park, taking the place of Outer Circle services 9/10.

Service 18 (City Centre – Kirkton) Afternoon peak frequency revision from every 10 to every 12 minutes in order to improve reliability, given the increases in journey times associated with traffic congestion, as well as simultaneously busy usage from both the City Centre and Kingsway College campus.

Service 22 (Ninewells Hospital – Craigowl) No changes, aside from a new fleet of buses (all with free WiFi) that entered service on Sunday 2nd December 2018.

Service 23 (City Centre – Woodside – Downfield  Route revision, running as a clockwise circular via City Centre, Lawside, Woodside, Arklay Street (this updated information from previous versions of the plans) & City Centre (includes Caird Avenue instead of Provost Road). Frequency revision from every 60 to every 35 minutes. We acknowledge that communities served by this route have higher-than-average populations of elderly residents, so improving accessibility for these areas will be a big benefit for them.

Services 28/29 (Myrekirk/Ninewells – Douglas) No changes to service 28. Route revision (service 29) via South Road (instead of Dunholm Road). This is to improve both safety and timekeeping, which was welcomed by local residents, as the streets here are both very narrow and occupied by cars

Services 32/33 (City Centre – Fintry/Whitfield) We have been consulting extensively on proposed changes to these services due to timekeeping issues borne from growing congestion on the Forfar Road. We carefully considered the various options available and listened to the feedback gathered throughout the process. With that exercise now concluded, we believe the best way to improve reliability is to revise the timetable for the existing routes. We will continue to monitor performance in order to assess whether this solution has been suitably effective over the course of the next six months.



From Sunday 21st January 2019

From Monday 21st January the Buchan and Stonehaven timetables will be updated.

Aberdeen Airport Guide from Monday 21st January – updated to include services 747 and 757 alongside the full 727 timetable.

Service 747 will be introduced on Monday 21st January offering a new link across Aberdeenshire and Angus. The new service will replace services 107 and current 747 and will operate an hourly frequency throughout most of the day between Montrose and Ellon using the AWPR. The service will operate from Montrose to Stonehaven before serving Kingswells Park and Ride and Aberdeen Airport. The service will then continue to Ellon and some journeys will also extend to Cruden Bay and Peterhead.

Service 757 will be introduced from the same date providing a direct link to the airport from Portlethen and Newtonhill. Residents in Portlethen and Newtonhill provided feedback in the timetable consultation requesting if a service could be introduced to the airport rather than connecting to 747 in Stonehaven. On reviewing the feedback Stagecoach has been able to introduce service 757 shaped by the feedback received from these communities. The 757 service will operate up to every hour 7 days a week to the airport and will also stop at Kingswells P&R.

Kingswells Park and Ride will benefit from both of the new bus services and as a result journeys from the popular Park and Ride site to the airport will be available by bus up to every 30 minutes, 7 days a week.

Buchan Travel Guide – minor changes to services 50, 54, 81 and 60. Revised service 747.

Stonehaven Travel Guide – service 107 withdrawn and replaced with new 747 service. Introduction of service 757.

(See Buchan Guide, Stonehaven Guide and 727-747-757 PDFs in directory)