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Moffat & Williamson have been coming into Dundee for about one year now – for the first time since the bus wars of the 1990’s. Their evening buses on the 92A/92B circular (which covers the evening Tayport – St Andrews link) is 92C/92D and extended into Dundee. Optare Solo YJ 61 MMX (I think!) drives along Seagate on a Friday evening, in August 2015. Suzy Scott


TOM says:

Could you please inform me of bus times and fares for day return from Dundee to Kircaldy.

Many thanks ,


suzy says:

Hello Tom,
Thanks for your comment.
X42 is the main daytime service, and you can get times here > http://dundeebuses.info/timetables/X042_Stagecoach_2ndFebruary2015.pdf
For the price of a day return, you would need to speak with Stagecooach, phone 01592 645680, tweet @StagecoachEScot or find them on Facebook.

Szuy (DundeeBuses admin)

James Lyon says:

I am visiting Dundee on business on Tue 28 Jul to Wed 29 Jul – how do I get from Dundee Railway Station to Strathmore Avenue by bus, departing around midday on the Tuesday, and the reverse direction, arriving at Dundee Railway Station between 09:00-09:15?

Thank you for your help!

suzy says:

Hello there James,
Thanks for your message re travel from Dundee Railway Station by bus.
From Dundee Railway Station, cross over Marketgait, and up Union Street.
Take a left into Nethergate, where you will find stop N3.
Buses on 1A and 1B leave about every 7-10 minutes, less often in the evenings.
Full times at http://dundeebuses.info/?page_id=32


David says:

Will there be buses from Dundee to St Andrews for the Open Golf tournament?

suzy says:

Yes – Service 99 – which will have a few additional buses added to the timetable on the Sunday morning.
I will reply again once I’ve located the file with extras.

suzy says:

http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/099_N099_4thMay2015.pdf is the main 99 timetable, with a 10 minute daytime service down to an hourly night service.

http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/theopen-additonalserviceswebver.pdf shows the extra morning buses from Dundee to St Andrews.

Tomas says:

is bus station open all night?
Thank You,

suzy says:

Yes, as far as I know, it is open from first bus to last. The facilities hours will differ.

tracey says:

Hi, I need to get a bus going to Ninewells hospital on Wed.Need to be there for2pm…which bus stops on city road / bottom Saggar St going directly to Ninewells and at what time please. Thank you .

suzy says:

Hello Tracey,
Various options, but I’d suggest seeing this listing here which will show them all – the Outer Circle run every half hour, and there are occasional buses on the 204 and 51 too. All buses take 15-20 minutes to Ninewells. Full list of times at http://www.dundeetravelinfo.com/dccmap/pdfs/CITY%20ROAD%20NEAR%20SAGGAR%20STREET.pdf
(I’d say the 1.19pm/13.19 myself from the stop, service 9.)

Suzy (DundeeBuses admin)

Susan Martin says:

Can I take my bike on the strathtay 73 bus?

suzy says:

Hello Susan,
Not unless it folds down to be a complete covered package, like a folding bike.
Full size bikes can be taken on the express Service X7, as they have a dedicated rack.

Suzy (DundeeBuses Admin)

Jo says:

Is it possible to stay in the bus station between 3-6 in the morning? have to get the last late bus as the earliest bus in the morning doesn’t get to the megabus in time

suzy says:

Hello Jo,
As far as I Know (last time I used the bus station that late was off a very late megabus!) the bus stn is closed between those hours – the building that is – but the buses run in and out as usual. Suggest calling the Bus Stn operators, Stagecoach, on 01382 313700.

A mclean says:

What bus will take me to kingsway retail park from city centre,looked up timetables but they are from 2013 x

suzy says:

Hello there,

The answer is as follows;
24 – these now stop behind the park on Clepington Road – timetable September 2015
201 – timetable unchanged since early 2014
202 – timetable unchanged since December 2011

These can all be found at http://www.dundeebuses.info

pam turner says:

Hi I haven’t used the bus much lately and want to get to the train station for 10.45am on 26th November. Which bus and what time please? Thanks

suzy says:

That depends – where do you live?

suzy says:

(later found Pitarlie Road – service 236)

Ann says:

Visiting Dundee on Saturday 28 November
How can I get from Kingsway Retail Park (or the ARC carwash 411 Clepington Rd, behind the retail park) to the City Centre and back again by bus on a saturday?

suzy says:

Hello there Ann.

Thanks for your question.
Service 24 is the most straight forward, as it is every half hour, Monday to Saturday.
See the timetable at > http://dundeebuses.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/24TimetableXplore.pdf
Single fare £1.95, DaySaver £3.60 (£3.00 evenings at moment)
Exact fare, no change given.
If you need anything else, let me know!
Suzy (DundeeBuses Independent Site Admin)

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